Corporate Services

Nonsuch HMO health plan is of the pre-paid variety. Buying into our product assure you twenty four hours (24) health care services through our network of health care providers nationwide. Being one of the accredited HMO’S, our clients have 24hours access to all the accredited health care providers nationwide.

Nonsuch HMO operates two tiers health care delivery system with a Provider Monitoring Unit (PMU) who watches and monitors the delivery of quality and effective health care services to registered members. The Provider Monitoring Unit consists of mainly Doctors, Pharmacists and other paramedical staff.

Government Services

( NHIS )

The key features of our NHIS health plan are:

  • Nationwide network of Hospitals
  • Integrated Quality Care Delivery
  • Integrated Local Evacuation Services(when necessary)
  • Effective Quality Control and Improvement System
  • Effective customer relationship management
  • Information Technology Based Managed Information System

Community Service

NONSUCH HMO provides integrated promotive, preventive and curative school health services that in turn improves the quality of health as well as academic performance of pupils/students

The components of our School Health Services:

  • Health education and Promotion
  • Healthful School Environment (Safety and security)
  • School Health Services (Screening)
  • Nutritional Services (Growth monitoring)
  • Counseling

our services

Managing your Health Like non of such

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